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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this Canada Life Limited ("Canada Life") website. By using any part of the Canada Life website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

In addition when you use any current or future user application provided by Canada Life e.g. eQuotes, you also agree to be subject to the guidelines and terms of that user application.

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Before supplying your registration details, please read and accept the terms and conditions below. Access to the services requires a registration with current, complete and accurate information as prompted by the applicable registration. A successful registration is dependent on your acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.

Please be aware that due to security controls, each user may only register with one method of access at any one time. It is not possible to register with a User ID and password as well as a Unipass certificate. If you register with User ID & Password and wish to change to Unipass at a later date, you will need to contact the CLASS User Support Team on 0345 223 7137 who will assist you in the process.

The terms “you” and “User” shall be used interchangeably and shall have the same meaning.

Terms of use for Canada Life Automated Self Service (CLASS) Portal

The CLASS Portal is provided by the group insurance division of Canada Life Limited (“Canada Life”).

The use of the CLASS Portal is governed by the terms set out below and the terms and conditions of website use for the relevant Canada Life entity website from which the CLASS Portal is accessed (together, known as the “Terms”). If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the terms and conditions of website use for the relevant Canada Life entity and the terms set out below, then the terms set out below will prevail. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice by updating this page and your continued access to or use of this site will constitute your acceptance of any such changes. Further, any transactional application you access within the CLASS Portal may have its own governing terms of use.

Who may use the CLASS Portal

CLASS may only be used for commercial purposes by individuals appropriately authorised by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) (directly or as an appointed representative), to make group insurance policy recommendations or decisions to members of the public, regardless of whether that authorised individual is an employee of a financial adviser firm or not (the “User” ).

Registration of Users under CLASS will be controlled by individuals designated as “Local Administrators” (the “Administrators”). Administrators are responsible for controlling User access to the CLASS Portal in strict accordance with the user approval process set out within the CLASS Portal. Administrators have full responsibility for all aspects of security including but not restricted to, suspending use and disabling leavers.

Purpose of the CLASS Portal

The CLASS Portal is a secure portal facility provided by Canada Life in relation to its products and connected product support services. The CLASS Portal may only be used by Users for assistance with administering and documenting Canada Life group insurance policies for clients of the User (the “Clients”).

The User remains entirely responsible for any advice or recommendations in relation to Canada Life products for any Canada Life group insurance policy decisions made by or for the Client. The information and transactional applications within the CLASS Portal are not intended to and do not constitute financial or other professional advice in any way whatsoever.

If the information within the CLASS Portal and the use of the CLASS Portal relates to the acquisition or possible acquisition of a particular Canada Life product, the User must be familiar with the relevant documentation for that financial product before making any recommendations, providing any advice or taking or refraining from taking any action as a result of the use of the CLASS Portal.

User Undertakings and Confirmations

  1. employed by a FCA authorised firm; or
  2. self-employed and appropriately authorised by the FCA;

The User also undertakes that no reliance is placed on the CLASS Portal, its transactional applications or any resulting information or material, in formulating product advice, recommendations or decisions relating to Canada Life group insurance products by the User or the authorised firm the User is employed by (if relevant) or the Client.

The User must ensure that any Client provided with advice or recommendations or for whom decisions relating to a Canada Life group insurance product are made, is aware that the CLASS Portal is an information and product administration support tool for Canada Life products only.

The User undertakes that he or she is a registered as a data controller, as defined by the relevant data protection legislation (“Data Controller”) or is an employee of a company who is registered as a Data Controller with the relevant data protection authority.

The User has or will obtain the necessary consent from his or her clients before entering data into the CLASS Portal relating to the clients ( “Client Data” ) which might contain personal data (as defined by the relevant data protection legislation). The User acknowledges that either the FCA authorised firm the User is employed by or the User (where the User is self- employed) is the Data Controller in relation to any data submitted via the CLASS Portal by the User and shall comply with his or her obligations under the relevant data protection legislation.

The CLASS Portal Security

Where an identification code, password or any other piece of information as part of the CLASS Portal security procedures is provided or chosen by the User, then it must at all times be treated as confidential and must not be disclosed to any third party. Canada Life reserves the right to disable any identification code or password whether chosen by the User or allocated by the CLASS Portal at any time if in Canada Life’s opinion the User has failed to comply with any of the provisions of the Terms.

As an authorised User, you are responsible for all use made of the CLASS Portal under the identification details. In addition, any client management system used as part of your system to facilitate access to the CLASS Portal must maintain the identification details in a secure manner. As such you should take adequate precautions, ensuring that:

  1. only you are able to access the CLASS Portal and you comply with all security procedures notified to you from time to time;
  2. all the identification details are kept in a secure place;
  3. you do not disclose any or all of the identification details to any other person except as may be necessary and on a need to know basis only to your system administrator (who may keep a secure record of the same);
  4. you do not save the identification details on to your personal computer or write them down;
  5. you do not leave your personal computer unsecured while you are connected to the CLASS Portal; and
  6. you do not use the CLASS Portal from any computer connected to a local area network without first making sure that no-one else will be able to observe or copy any of the identification details or gain access to the portal purporting to be you and that you do not access the portal from an unsecured network.

Where in addition to the security provisions a Unipass certificate is used as part of the security measures to access the CLASS Portal, the User will fully comply with the obligations and responsibilities of the Unipass standards and protocols when accessing the CLASS Portal.

The CLASS Portal Prohibitions

The CLASS Portal may not be used for the submission or transmission of illegal, offensive material or malicious content, or to breach applicable laws or regulations. The User must not do anything which will or might damage, interfere with, disrupt access to, interrupt or impair the functionality of the CLASS Portal.

Obtaining or attempting to obtain access to, or interfere with any programme or data, attempting to reverse-engineer, decompile, translate, disassemble or separate the components of the the CLASS Portal will not be tolerated and Canada Life reserves all rights to take all necessary protective action.

Whilst the User may use and print a reasonable number of copies of the information or material generated by the CLASS Portal during the normal course of business, the information or material generated may not otherwise be reproduced, distributed or transmitted to any other person (with the exception of Clients in relation to their own Canada Life products upon which, the User will become responsible for that data as a Data Controller) or incorporated in any other way into another document or other material without Canada Life’s prior written permission.


Canada Life makes no recommendation as to the suitability, governance, performance or likely performance, regulated status or other features of any of its products on which information is obtainable via the CLASS Portal.

Neither Canada Life nor its third party providers accept any responsibility or liability for any advice or recommendations given, or for any transactions or arrangements that are subsequently undertaken as a result of using the CLASS Portal.

Canada Life makes no representation that the material and information within the CLASS Portal is appropriate or available for use for Clients who reside outside the United Kingdom. Any party accessing the CLASS Portal from outside the United Kingdom does so at that party’s own risk and is responsible for complying with all applicable local and other laws.

Certain material available within the CLASS Portal is based on historic data and statistics provided by third parties and may be out of date at the time of the User’s access, incorrect and/or may not be repeated in the future. Whilst Canada Life will use reasonable endeavours to ensure consistency and availability of the material within the CLASS Portal, it accepts no responsibility howsoever arising for accuracy of material generated by third parties.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights in the CLASS Portal are vested either in Canada Life or its third party providers and agents as applicable.

Data Protection

The information collected within the CLASS Portal may be processed by Canada Life or any of its third party providers depending on the transactional application. Canada Life and its third party providers will observe the relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended) and the Isle of Man Data Protection Act 2002 (as amended) with regard to the handling, storing and protection of Client data.

In some instances, information derived from the CLASS Portal may render the User, or the FCA authorised firm the User is employed by, a Data Controller (as set out above) and therefore by agreeing to these terms the User agrees to observe the relevant provisions of the applicable data protection legislation with regard to the handling, storing and protection of such data.

Canada Life is the Data Controller in respect of the Client Data once it has been received by the CLASS Portal. Canada Life shall also be the Data Controller in respect of the Client Data when administering the policies relating to the Canada Life group insurance products

Please also see the data protection notice on this website (“Data Protection Notice”) for further information.


Canada Life reserves the right to amend, update, improve or alter the CLASS Portal without notice at its sole discretion where reasonable to do so. Canada Life uses its best endeavours to keep the CLASS Portal up and running. However, it reserves the right to take the site down for routine maintenance and accepts no responsibility or liability of any sort for downtime, whether caused by faults or routine maintenance. Canada Life reserves the right at its sole discretion and without such liability or responsibility to withdraw access to the CLASS Portal to any client or particular user.

The CLASS Portal has been set up in accordance with Canada Life’s current understanding of the FCA Rules, applicable data protection legislation and current HM Revenue & Customs legislation and practice, which may be subject to future variation.

All warranties, conditions, undertakings, representations and terms whether expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Third Parties

Links to third parties’ websites are provided on the CLASS Portal to provide Users with convenient access to certain transactional applications, related or relevant information and organisations. A link from the CLASS Portal does not represent any affiliation with or recommendation or endorsement of those third parties. Canada Life does not warrant the accuracy of the content available on the third party website, and is not responsible for (and does not necessarily share or support) the views or actions of any organisation or third party whose website is accessible via a link from the CLASS Portal. Canada Life reserves the right to terminate any such link at any time.

If you leave the CLASS Portal using an available link, the Data Protection Notice and the Terms will no longer apply. Canada Life encourages you to read the privacy statements, disclaimers and terms and conditions of any third party websites that you visit in this way.

Law and Jurisdiction

English law governs these terms and the use and contents of the CLASS Portal, and the English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute relating to these terms and the CLASS Portal.